Luxury Birthday Dinner!


Tonight we were feeling lazy but I still wanted to have a good meal and in good company for my birthday. I invited over my co-worker and close friend Sungwoo and his girlfriend Diana to come and enjoy it with us! ** Special thanks to Sungwoo for taking a lot of these shots! With what I was cooking tonight, I would need four hands to cook and shoot at the same time!**

I had some leftovers from the flatbreads we made the previous night. So we decided to use those first. I made two more of the fennel and feta flatbreads, this time cooking them slightly less in the oven, so they were still soft and easy to eat, but with the same great taste.


Also with the same feta and fennel, I whipped up a quick salad thats light and fresh and pairs perfectly with the seafood that I made.


  • Arugula tossed with a glug of olive oil, seasoned with S&P
  • Sliced fennel bulb
  • Cubed feta
  • Pistachio nuts
  • Raspberry balsamic glaze (cook down balsamic and raspberry vinegar until thick) to drizzle on top


Next we made a Thai curry broth to cook the mussels and lobster in. This is super simple and tastes phenomenal. Whats great is that this sauce is so versatile too and can be used later for bread dunking, and also if you want to make any noodle soups.


  • 2Tb Thai red curry paste
  • 3 cans coconut milk
  • Thai bird chilis
  • 1 lime
  • 1 small knob ginger
  • 2 lime leaves
  • 2 stalks lemon grass
  • Green onions for garnish

Heat a little olive oil and begin sautéing the ginger and chilis

Add the curry paste and 1/2 of 1 can coconut milk, just the thick parts, not the water.

When colour has changed and has become fragrant, add the rest of the coconut milk, lemon grass, lime zest, lime leaves, and juice of 1 lime

Cook for approx 20-30 min on low until flavours have infused with the broth. Then add your mussels/lobster/seafood for 3-4 min, until just cooked. Remove from heat and place in bowl.

All in all it was one of the best birthdays I’ve had, from the start to finish. I really enjoyed cooking tonight some of my favourite dishes and sharing them with great friends.

If you have any questions about any of the recipes used in this post, please leave me some comments. I’d love to hear your feedback or stories if you’ve tried my recipes!

If anyone wants to see more of Sungwoo’s great pics, check out to see all the autos he snaps!

4 comments on “Luxury Birthday Dinner!

  1. Sungwoo Kim says:

    Thanks for a wonderful dinner buddy, Diana and I really enjoyed spending the evening with you two!

  2. Cathy Chan says:

    Totally sensational Nathan! Looks like you had a great time, cooking & sharing your Birthday Feast!!!

  3. Bill says:

    Happy Birthday Nathan…What a feast you shared with your close friends

  4. tchuxley says:

    Great ideas! Can’t wait to try some of them

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