Lunch at Meat & Bread



Today I took Jenny to Meat & Bread for our third time. This specialty restaurant is only open during lunch hours, but is always packed! The first two times we came here we had excellent experiences, and this time was no different. Their sandwiches are just consistently good everyday of the week. They keep the menu simple, but they are amazing at what they do make, which keeps people coming back for more. There’s just something about their concept that is so unique as well. I know of no other places like this where you can go for lunch and have a gourmet sandwich, served so simply, and taste this delicious. On their menu each day, there is only 3 or 4 sandwiches to choose from, 1 soup and 1 salad. Each time I have visited, I have been able to try something new as they switch up the specials daily.


Service here is always super fast and efficient as well. The moment you enter the restaurant, someone will always greet you, even though they have a cafeteria-style of ordering food. The menu is nice because it is enormous and covers an entire wall, but it is still very simple and makes it easy to decide what you want. They have an assembly line of kitchen workers who go from cutting the meat fresh, toasting the buns, and plating the dish all in a matter of seconds. Atmosphere in Meat & Bread is always upbeat and with lots of energy, the staff create a very warm and friendly feeling in the space and also the seating arrangement makes it easy to sit with friends or get to know someone new just because there are only two long tables in the restaurant.



We decided to go for the Porchetta with salsa verde and the Red wine beef with caper almond aioli, black pepper, olives, cabbage and scallions. Also we got a Romanian ham hock broth soup and a rose lemonade soda. The sandwiches are simply served with house made mustard. The only thing that was a little disappointing was that the soup was very rich, but I felt mislead because there was no actual ham in it. Otherwise it was fine. The one complaint I can think of about the restaurant is that it feels like the door is always open, so your food (soup) gets cold fast.

DSC03688 DSC03691 DSC03692 DSC03697

Overall Meat & Bread has always met my expectations of delivering a simple and delicious lunch sandwich that unique and packed with flavour every time. I would always come back for more.

Quality – 5 of 5

Ingeniuety – 5 of 5

Atmosphere – 4.5 of 5

Service – 5 of 5

Value – 4.5 of 5

Overall – 4.8 of 5

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One comment on “Lunch at Meat & Bread

  1. Sungwoo Kim says:

    What!! With a rating like that you’re gonna make these guys a fortune!! Looks very delicious though, must have a visit with Diana 🙂

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