Sushi Mori Coquitlam

Today I went for lunch at Sushi Mori in Coquitlam on Barnett Hwy. It was my fourth time here at this location. I know that in the past year from my experience at the other location that this company has undergone some management changes. The first couple times I went last year, the food was always amazing. The restaurant itself is beautiful when you walk in because it is decorated in a very unique way which you will not see anywhere else in another sushi restaurant in Vancouver.


But that aside, the food here was very unique and well made. Since their recent changes, they have tried to make the menu larger and the items cheaper, most likely to cater to a larger market of guests. I think this has really hurt the quality of their food. You can tell that they are cutting costs on certain things that they’re making.


Every time I visit I always have ordered the Crunch Roll. This is basically a sort of dynamite roll wrapped in egg and topped with crispy yam shavings and a sweet soy-type sauce. When I first ordered this dish last year. It was very brilliantly displayed and the quality was exceptional and always left me wanting more. The last time I ate at the Langley location, I ordered the same, but was hugely disappointed to see that they had changed the recipe. And even though the menu said it still came with egg, mine had none. And when I asked the manager about it. He just said they had no more egg that day. Even though if I didn’t bring it up, he wouldn’t have mentioned it. Today I ordered that again and it was not nearly as attractive as it once was.

We also had an Ebi (Shrimp) Sunomono salad, Chicken Don, Masago and Ika(Squid) nigiri. The Ebi Sunomono was quite good. It had just enough sweet and sour taste, also with lots of big shrimp inside. The Chicken Don was also quite good. The one thing that stands out with theirs is that they serve their bowls with fiery hot stone bowls, so that your food doesn’t lose temperature as it sits there. The nigiri was surprisingly disappointing thought too. The Masago tasted quite frozen and the Ika was very dry and it looked like it had been slightly charged. Not sure if they had meant to make it that way, but dry Ika just isn’t the same as fresh squid. 20131115_124602 20131115_124506 20131115_124341

Even after you finish eating, they used to have very nice desserts they would give to you for free. There was these small chocolate brownies that they would hand you with your bill. Now though, that has replaced with two very cheap hard candies.

Overall, I would say that Sushi Mori has has lost a lot of quality which therefore means its visitors will be dropping too.  Their atmosphere has always been one that’s very unique and special. I really want them to improve their food to at least what it used to be. This is a very romantic place to take someone special for a first date or something, as long as they can make some improvements to their food quality.

Quality – 2.5 of 5

Ingeniuety – 3 of 5

Atmosphere – 4.5 of 5

Service – 3.5 of 5

Value – 4 of 5

Overall – 3.5 of 5

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