Elements – Urban Tapas Parlour Whistler

We were recommended to go to this spot for brunch. They have a very gourmet menu that serves breakfast until 2pm.

Hostess set an expectation that it would be about a 5 min wait and then a 30 min wait for food. We were very hungry and didn’t want to wait, but we were recommended here so we decided to wait anyways. We ended up waiting about 10 min for the table. We were served our drinks right away. We took about 5 minutes to decide what we wanted. I ordered the sautéed spinach and goat cheese benedict, with sun dried tomato hollandaise sauce. The server seemed very cold uninterested in taking our order. She didn’t seem like she cared about serving us. We ended up waiting almost 1 hour to receive our meals.


They had some very unique items on the breakfast menu which I have not heard of or tried anywhere else. There is a few different types of ‘stuffed’ french toast, which is a very thick slice of bread, hollowed out in the middle, stuffed with a sweet or savoury filling, and then dipped in egg and fried. We ordered one of these for the group to try and it was actually quite good. They also have a big selection of baked fritatas. Some of the notable ones are the Crispy Pancetta with roasted red peppers and goat cheese. And the Dungeness Crab fritata with roasted tomatoes and asparagus.

After an hour when our food finally came, we were happy that this place was living up to its reputation. All the things we tried were delicious. My spinach and goat cheese benny was very nice with all the flavours working well together. The sun dried tomato hollandaise was a first for me, and it was definitely something I would try again. The rich, buttery flavour with the sharp kick of sun dried tomatoes really lifts it to another level. The benny was served with a popular side in many restaurants I find in Whistler, a fried shredded hash ball with sour cream and chives on top. This is something I have not seen yet in Vancouver. I also ordered a side of duck sausage. I was quite shocked to find that they charge $5 for this, when it was a relatively small portion, and didn’t end up tasting how I expected either. It was a little overcooked so it became very dry, and I didn’t taste much duck in it, just a lot of salt. The last thing that came with each breakfast item was a small shooter glass of fruit smoothie, with a cantaloupe ball on top. This was a nice touch and something you don’t really expect. DSC03986 Portabello Mushroom BenedictDSC03985 Portabello Mushroom and tomato baked fritataDSC03984 Stuffed French Toast with banana and chocolate sauceDSC03981 Spinach and Goat cheese benedict with side of duck sausageDSC03980DSC03968DSC03964

Overall I would say the food was great, with a creative menu that really works. The atmosphere is pleasant with a very upbeat, yet cozy feeling. The only thing I was very disappointed with was the service and the wait time. I would still return here again though for the good food.

Quality – 4.5 of 5

Ingeniuety – 5 of 5

Atmosphere – 5 of 5

Service – 2 of 5

Value – 3 of 5

Overall – 4 of 5

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