Mix by Ric’s – Whistler

Sorry for the late updates guys. It’s been a crazy week and I am way behind on the blog. I’m going to try to get everything back up to date by tomorrow the latest. Lots of new reviews and great recipes to share! This is one of the last places we went to on my weekend in Whistler.

Mix by Ric’s is the lounge room that’s located upstairs to Ric’s Grill, one of the more well known fine dining spots in Whistler. This place actually opens all day, every day of the week, from 8am to 1am. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have only been to Ric’s Grill once for dinner, which was a very good experience. This was my second time to this establishment and this time we went to the Mix.


We came here to have a couple drinks and appetizers be for going out for the night. This place is always bustling with people on the weekend and has a great vibe if you’re looking for more of an upscale lounge for drinks and food. The space is not huge, but they make good use of the area with lots of seating for large groups.

They have an extensive alcohol menu with many types of each liquor. A few of us just simply’s ordered vodka tonics, but even with that I got to choose between 7 or 8 different types of vodka, which was nice. The menu gives us a plenty of options for small bites, as well as an entree menu for those who are hungry. Ric’s is well known for their fresh ingredients and their creative menu.

We went with four appetizers and one entree dish. The first was the Kobe Meatballs, with tomato, basil and parmesan sauce. Kobe beef on its own is already one of the most well known and most distinguished types of beef. It is known for its flavour, tenderness, and fatty, well-marbled texture. It comes from the Hyogo Prefecture in Japan. This popular beef is simply incredible when turned into a meatball. It is rich, full of flavour, and so light and tender at the same time. The sauce which they used was a perfect compliment to the meat. 20131116_215053We also ordered a Kobe meatball linguini, which I had to ask the recipe for, because the sauce was the most succulent white sauce I have ever tasted in a pasta. They use a basic white sauce recipe to start, with garlic, cream, white wine, salt and pepper. But then they added something that took the pasta to a whole other level. a few drops of Black Truffle oil was put in, giving it a whole new dimension of flavour.

The next thing that we ordered was the Chilli Chicken. This was just your run of the mill, generic chilli chicken dish. It was just fried chicken pieces tosses with sweet chilli sauce and some sweet pita-like chips. It was quite dry and could have used a lot more sauce to bring up the flavour. I would say it was just average chicken with not much else to offer in terms of flavour or creativity.


The next appy we had was the Mediterranean Dip, with artichokes, feta, spinach, cream cheese and warm pita dips. This was a perfect dip to share. Having lots of bold flavours that really stand out when you put in your mouth. There’s also diced tomatoes, olives, and scallions on top to give a real fresh kick. The size was great too. Sometimes these dishes come with too many chips and not enough dip. This was almost the other way around, which is never a problem if they can just give you more chips later. I think this is one of the more creative spinach dips that I’ve seen in quite sometime. I would eat this again.


The last dish that we shared was the Lamb Lollipops. This was a grilled Australian rack of lamb served with a onion and apple chutney, and a port demi glaze. The reason they are called lollipops is because they take a normal lamb chop and french the ends of the bone, to make a clean and elegant looking peace of lamb.They were simply served with some undressed raw spinach. I think the lamb was cooked perfectly, but the sauce was almost too overpowering with demi glaze, and took away from the natural, delicate taste of lamb that people want. Still they were beautifully cooked and I would recommend if you were looking for a finer appetizer thats offers a little more than your average starter dish.


The one biggest letdown of this restaurants’ overall experience was the service! The servers were very sweet and kind. But the restaurant was very busy on a Saturday night, and yet they still only had 2 servers working. This made for some unreasonably long waits for drinks food, and especially the bill. We waited almost 30 min just to get the cheque at the end. This was totally unacceptable.

In the future I would return here only because they have a great atmosphere, good food and a creative menu. But I would not come here if you expect prompt service or are in a hurry. Also, it is a little more on the pricier side, especially when there’s many other nearby restaurants that offer specials on appetizers throughout the day. This is really a place to go more for a special occasion and not your everyday lounge.

Quality – 4 of 5

Ingeniuety – 4 of 5

Atmosphere – 5 of 5

Service – 3 of 5

Value – 3 of 5

Overall – 3.8 of 5

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