Christmas Dinner for 3 (But really more like 5)


This Christmas was really different than any other year for me. Each year, I normally spend Christmas day in Chilliwack at my grandparents house. My cousins and aunts and uncles all join us and we have a nice family gathering. My grandmother passed a few years back and my grandfather just this October. My mum still lives in their old house and still tries to keep traditions the same. This year though, it was just her by herself. I decided to go up with Jenny and we cooked a lovely Christmas feast together. Continue reading

Double Date Night pt 2 – White Chocolate Tiramisu

For the dessert portion of our meal with Sungwoo and Diana, we tried a Jamie Oliver recipe for Tiramisu. This was a really different recipe from what I normally do for tiramisu. We used a homemade sponge layer instead of using ladyfinger cookies. We also added white chocolate to the mascarpone cheese to add another level of sweetness. Continue reading

Double Date Night pt 1 – Salmon with Watercress Sauce

We had Sungwoo and Diana over again for dinner last week. Diana really wanted some good salmon so I agreed to try out a new recipe for her. I got a new cookbook from my work Christmas party written by Martha Day. This recipe called for crème fraîche, but I could only get 14% sour cream, which was the next best thing. I bought my salmon from Costco, which is by far the best value for your money I have found. You get a full sized filet of salmon, at least 3-4kg for around $20-25. It’s also very little cleanup work required. They are already deboned and skin taken off, all you must do it cut into whichever size you want your pieces to be, or just cook it all as one and divide up later. I served the salmon with a watercress creme sauce, roasted potatoes with asiago cheese and truffle oil, and a small arugula salad. Continue reading

Café Medina

On the 4th of December, we went to Café Medina on my day off and Jenny started work around 3pm. We wanted to have a nice quick brunch before going to visit the Vancouver Christmas Market in downtown. This was my first time visiting this restaurant after hearing all the great reviews and eating a number of times at their sister restaurant, Chambar. It is owned by executive chef Nico Schuermans and his wife Karri, as well it is co-owned by former Chambar staff Robbie Kane.  Nico trained in Belgium at one of their most prestigious culinary schools. He has cooked in one of Belgium’s finest establishments, Comme Chez Soi, with three Michelin Stars. Him and his wife Karri opened Chambar in 2004 and it has been known as one of the city’s top restaurants to this day. Back when Chambar first opened, Robbie started as a server there and made an instant connection with owners Nico and Karri, over the years expressing his dream to one day open his own restaurant. Three years later, when the space down the street from Chambar opened up, he set off to take what he learned at Chambar and create his own vision as a cafe that provides a unique and memorable brunch and lunch experience. Continue reading

Tsuki – Sushi Bar

We decided to go for a double date a fairly new sushi restaurant called Tsuki near Stadium skytrain just on Abbott and Pender. We made reservations for 7pm on a Thursday night, arrived on time, and were seated promptly after arriving. The restaurant itself is very clean and fresh looking, it has high ceilings and the space is very opened up. They had some Christmas decorations though that I found were a little strange. There was also some scattered decorations and plants along the walls in no apparent pattern. I’ve seen a few japanese restaurants have similar designs. Not quite sure what they were going for. Continue reading

Now we’re in business!

My personalized business cards arrived today! I ordered them through They specialize in custom designed business cards and are an online store that have printing factories in Vancouver in Gastown and in London Ontario. I chose them specifically because they offer a really broad range of cards styles and materials for whatever your budget may be. I was able to order 1000 double sided cards with a special UV coating to accent certain areas on the card or to add another layer of design. It took a couple of weeks to arrive, but even though I had to resubmit a few times, they were still able to meet the original date they had promised. Their platform is also a great experience too! All you do is follow their card file guidelines, and either submit your own file, or create a card right on the website with their ultra user-friendly tool. I personally did my cards from scratch in Adobe Illustrator. It’s a pretty advanced tool, but I’m familiar with the program so it wasn’t as bad. They also offer design support if you need help creating them, but for a price. I would definitely recommend this place if you’re in the market for some new business cards. Thanks! Continue reading

Canapés Night


I wanted to make something really simple and easy to eat tonight. I didn’t have a lot of time and I wanted to get a lot of flavours into a small bite. I decided to make crostinis with some meat, cheese and my San Marzano tomato spread.

It was a unique day of cooking because I had to keep the house odourless for one night, so I cooked everything on the patio on a small gas burner. Continue reading

WIS – Gourmet Warehouse! 18,000 Kitchen Items!

I was driving downtown one day through Hastings St when I spotted a place called Gourmet Warehouse. I asked Jenny to look it up on Google and see what this was. We found out they sold kitchen supplies, so we decided to make a quick stop to check it out. Turns out, this was one of the best decisions I’ve made! This place is a real hidden gem to the general public, but I’m sure it’s probably quite well known in the culinary world in Vancouver. It’s a large warehouse building just off the corner of Clark and Hastings. There’s street parking in the front and some in the back alley as well. Continue reading

New Flash!


So this is a little overdue. I decided a couple of weeks ago that my food blogging just wasn’t going to get where it needs to be with the equipment that I owned. With food photography, or other macro photography in general, lighting is so important. I really wanted to showcase the ingredients that I’ve been using, as well as the cooking that goes along with it. I’m fairly new to the whole lighting side of photography, so I’m not going to go on trying to pretend like I know everything about it, because I DON’T! Continue reading

Homemade Crepes!

This was something I’ve always wanted to make at home, and it was surprisingly simple! I think crepes are simple, delicious, and there are so many variations on how you can make them, which just makes them that much better. I think no matter what you have at home in your fridge, you can probably find something to put together to make a crepe. I found a few sweet things that I wanted to try, but you can also create savoury or salty crepes too. I think my next crepe will be a spiced indian crepe, or perhaps a vietnamese style crepe. More to come! Continue reading