La Taqueria – Pinche Taco Shop


La Taqueria is an authentic Mexican taco shop that has locations in the heart of downtown Vancouver and just outside of downtown. We visited the Cambie & Broadway location on a busy Monday morning just before the lunch rush came in. I’ve been here a couple of times in the past and it always delivers when you’re craving some good Mexican food. They offer traditional Mexican street taco recipes, also referred to as pinche tacos. They use sustainable, local and organic products in their menu. I haven’t been to the Gastown location yet but I have heard great things about it. The Cambie spot is always packed though since it’s in such a busy intersection, with the Canada Line station kiddy corner to it, this place gets tons of foot traffic.

Jenny and I each got four individual soft tacos each. These are either $2.50 each or $9.50 for 4. We came in and were almost helped immediately. This is a cafeteria style restaurant, so you just order at the front, pay and wait for your food to come up. Because of how busy it is, usually people are in and out in under 30 min.

Today I tried a little bit of everything, including something new on the menu. I got the De Cachete (which was braised beef cheeks with a onion and cilantro relish), Carnitas (pork confit with pickled red onion), Al Pastor (pork marinated in achiote chilli & pineapple) and the new Pescado (zarandeado fish with chipotle mayo, radish and pepitas). All of my tacos were delicious. You can tell that the meat is marinated in many spices and cooked for a very long time because the meat is so tender and packed with flavours. The salsas and accompaniments are always fresh and crisp, everything tastes like it was just made but they are still able to achieve the speed, service and quality of an authentic Mexican street taco stand. Out of my four tacos, I would have all but the De Cachete again. This was just a little too mild for my liking and didn’t seem like it had too much contrast in flavours going on. The meat was very very soft, to the point where it was almost indistinguishable, and could have used some heat.

Top: Carnitas and De Cachete
Bottom: Al Pastor and Pescado

Jenny also got four tacos, 2 Tinga De Pollo (chicken with chorizoin chipotle tomato sauce, topped with Mexican cheese & sour cream), Pollo Con Mole (free range chicken with chocolate mole sauce), and Al Pastor (same as mine). These are great choices if you’re looking for something simple and light. The chicken is not as salty or rich as the beef or pork would be.

Top: Al Pastor and Tinga De Pollo
Bottom: Pollo Con Mole and Tinga De Pollo

They also serve import sodas and beers from Mexico, which are much healthier than some of the sodas we consume in North America. We tried a Jarritos Guava soda. It’s made from natural sugars and the fruit used in all grown in parts of Mexico.

Quality – 5 of 5

Ingeniuety – 5 of 5

Atmosphere – 5 of 5

Service – 4.5 of 5

Value – 4.5 of 5

Overall – 4.8 of 5

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2 comments on “La Taqueria – Pinche Taco Shop

  1. Sungwoo Kim says:

    Diana took me to the Gastown location just this week as its right by her school. By the looks of it, the gastown location is a lot smaller, and it sure gets packed also. Such good authentic Mexican food, great review buddy!

  2. […]  Sungwoo brought us 4 bottles of Jarritos Soda, made in Mexico. I talked more about them in my review of La Taqueria  […]

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