New Flash!


So this is a little overdue. I decided a couple of weeks ago that my food blogging just wasn’t going to get where it needs to be with the equipment that I owned. With food photography, or other macro photography in general, lighting is so important. I really wanted to showcase the ingredients that I’ve been using, as well as the cooking that goes along with it. I’m fairly new to the whole lighting side of photography, so I’m not going to go on trying to pretend like I know everything about it, because I DON’T!

I picked up a great Sony HVL-F42AM Flash from Craigslist for $200. This was a great buy considering if I had bought a newer model brand new it would run me $500-600. This was perfect for what I needed and it also was only lightly used too, which was a plus! I am going to be learning how to use this in the next few months, so if you think I can do something better, please don’t hesitate to tell me! I want the critique! 

Anyways here’s some of shots I’ve been able to put together so far.


And here’s the equipment that I’m using now. I have a Sony A700 with a few different lenses, the one I use most often being the 18-70mm. I used to use the A100, but recently upgraded earlier this year. I have really gotten a lot more into photography at this point so I’m sure if I keep doing what I’m doing, my camera will need an upgrade in the short future as well.

4 comments on “New Flash!

  1. Rod Steensland (Mcquire camera Club ) says:

    Hi there Nathan ! I quite enjoy your blogs and I think your mother (Cathy) kind of Likes you and where you are going with all this. I have done a bit of this kind of Photography and have used every thing from boxes & umbrellas but had the best results from Bounce flash (straight over head on a white ceiling ) (look for an off camera flash cord ) Keep up the good work !! We are all watching and want to come for Dinner!! Rod

    • Nate says:

      Thanks Rod! Glad to know im doing something right! I’ve been bouncing the flash off the ceiling for now and gotten good results. I will try to come for dinner soon. Merry Christmas!

  2. Bill Smith says:

    Bill Smith (Mcquire Camera Club)

    Rod’s suggestions are great. I enjoy the off camera cord on the flash. I placed that flash unit on a tripod and hand held the camera when I was photographing the menu dishes for my friends restaurant in Chilliwack. The white ceilings work very well. The small bridge cameras – as you mother has from Sony & I have from Lumix work well – simple food setting on the dial menu.

    • Nate says:

      Hey Bill, thanks for the feedback. I’ve never used a flash off a cord. What does that look like? I use the flash wirelessly sometimes and have it set up in slave mode.

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