Now we’re in business!

My personalized business cards arrived today! I ordered them through They specialize in custom designed business cards and are an online store that have printing factories in Vancouver in Gastown and in London Ontario. I chose them specifically because they offer a really broad range of cards styles and materials for whatever your budget may be. I was able to order 1000 double sided cards with a special UV coating to accent certain areas on the card or to add another layer of design. It took a couple of weeks to arrive, but even though I had to resubmit a few times, they were still able to meet the original date they had promised. Their platform is also a great experience too! All you do is follow their card file guidelines, and either submit your own file, or create a card right on the website with their ultra user-friendly tool. I personally did my cards from scratch in Adobe Illustrator. It’s a pretty advanced tool, but I’m familiar with the program so it wasn’t as bad. They also offer design support if you need help creating them, but for a price. I would definitely recommend this place if you’re in the market for some new business cards. Thanks!

Notice on the front of the card, I added in various kitchen tools as the UV layer. Thought this added a nice touch!

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