Pan Seared Coho Salmon with Sunchoke Truffle Purée


I decided to today that I’d make a play on the steelhead salmon that we had at Edible Canada for Dine Out last week. We had a filet of coho salmon that I bought a few weeks ago from Fresh St. Farms on sale and I stored in the freezer for a day like this! I mixed it up a little by making a sunchoke truffle purée instead of roasted sunchokes. I love sunchoke purée because it has so much flavour packed into it and adding some truffle oil really adds a luxurious taste to it.  Continue reading

Edible Canada – Dineout #1


This year I definitely am not getting to as many Dineout restaurants as I would have hoped too, but Edible Canada has been talked about and highly anticipated for their Dineout features, so we decided to give it a try. So what is Edible Canada? It would be easier to list the things it isn’t. They are a company based out of Granville Island that brings together dozens of local farmers, hundreds of artisan food producers, professional chefs and passionate food lovers from all around the world.  Continue reading


Miura Waffle + Milk Bar recently re-opened last month moving from Davie st Downtown to Mount Pleasant on Cambie and Broadway. They are a very unique Japanese waffle bar that has been featured in Food Network’s popular series “You Gotta Eat Here”. Chef and owner Dennis Miura created this menu based on many aspects of his life in Vancouver. Continue reading

Looking for fresh pasta? Head to Gastown and Ask for Luigi!


Don’t you feel more accustomed to recommend a restaurant, or dine at one, that you know from a friend to be especially good? The idea for the name of this recently opened Italian-inspired restaurant came from just that. Chef and owner Jean-Christophe Poirier had got the idea from his travels in Italy where he would be recommended to go see so-and-so for such-and-such. The theme for this Mad Men style, 60’s themed restaurant is comfort, plain and simple, from the moment you walk in the door to when you talk to the wait staff, to when you take your first bite of freshly made pasta, they really put a lot of thought behind giving diners an absolutely comforting experience.  Continue reading

Sushi Gen – Best Seared Tuna Belly in Town!

My friends and I were invited to go try Sushi Gen, a recently opened sushi restaurant that is apparently becoming very famous for their seared nigiri sushi. This restaurant is almost hidden right beside Red Robin on the corner of Cameron st just off North Rd in Coquitlam/Burnaby. The restaurant is owned and operated by the Lee family. They are a friendly and welcoming Korean family where the father, Mr. Lee, is the head chef and creates all the dishes, his wife runs the front of house operations, and their son, Andrew, is the General Manager.  Continue reading

Patisserie Lebeau


Patisserie Lebeau is an authentic Belgium waffle shop and café that sits unassumingly on west 2nd and Burrard, tucked right in between some of Vancouver’s most exotic car dealerships. I in fact learned of this little shop whilst working at Weissach Motors in 2008. I had a short summer job there as a lot boy and we went there many days of the week for their savoury Brussels waffles.  Continue reading

Dine Out Vancouver 2014 Events

Dine Out Vancouver, presented by Tourism Vancouver, is back again for another fantastic year of culinary adventure! Between Jan 17 – Feb 2, choose from hundreds of restaurants in the city and create your own personalized dining experiences. This year they are partnered with American Express, and if you hold an AMEX card, you get exclusive access to see the participating restaurant list 3 days earlier than everyone else. For everyone else, a list of all the restaurants in the city that are a part of Dine Out comes out Monday, Jan 6th. Each restaurant will offer a 3 course meal either in the $18, $28, or $38 price point. This allows Vancouverites of all demographics to have the chance to experience a new or a favourite restaurant in the city no matter the budget. And for those of you from out of town, there will be exclusive hotel rates and packages offered for the $78, $108 and $138 range. Continue reading

Chinese Crab Claws


This is one delicious and super easy to make appetizer for any occasion and its guaranteed to be a hit! Chinese deep fried crab claws are typically served in a upscale Chinese restaurant usually on a set menu. There is another variation that uses bamboo shoots instead of the crab claws served at higher end dim sum restaurants as well. These take minimal amount of time to prepare and to cook and they look incredible! Continue reading