Patisserie Lebeau


Patisserie Lebeau is an authentic Belgium waffle shop and café that sits unassumingly on west 2nd and Burrard, tucked right in between some of Vancouver’s most exotic car dealerships. I in fact learned of this little shop whilst working at Weissach Motors in 2008. I had a short summer job there as a lot boy and we went there many days of the week for their savoury Brussels waffles. 

With their combined experience in pastry making and professional culinary training, Oliver and Penny Lebeau have spent nearly 20 years running this little waffle shop in Kits. Since 1995, they have prided themselves on their authentic Belgium waffles, their famous Liege waffles, and their attentive customer service. In the past 12 years, their waffles have become so popular that they began manufacturing them wholesale and they can now be bought at Strong’s Market, Whole foods, Choices Market, Nester’s, Caper’s, and many more.

Every day of the week this place is bustling with business, but on Sundays there are lineups out the door to get their famous waffles! The atmosphere in Patisserie Lebeau is also quite unique to its kind. When you walk into the shop, you are not immediately drawn to some overblown menu that tells you what they have and how much they cost. Instead, there is no menu and you just pick from the glass display which waffles, sandwiches, or pastries you would like, you pay for it, and they serve it to you warmed up. They have lots of small free tasters to try on top of the display as you walk down the line, many of which are their signature items.

I wanted to choose something savoury for myself today so I went with a Brussels waffle with sausage and cheese. This was a delicious waffle with the ingredients mixed right into the batter, giving the waffle a sweet and savoury taste. I personally prefer waffles with some type of sauce, especially since the sausage seemed to dry the waffle out a little. But overall it was still very warm and moist given that it had no toppings.

We also tried their sweet Brussels waffle, served with fresh fruits, custard and whipped cream. This was absolutely delicious and a must try if you are a fan of waffles. It’s hard to find waffles made this good anywhere else let alone a place that gives you this many choices!

Quality – 4.5 of 5

Ingeniuety – 5 of 5

Atmosphere – 4.5 of 5

Service – 5 of 5 for a place that comes off as a coffee shop but delivers service like a fine dining restaurant

Value – 4 of 5

Overall – 4.6 of 5

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One comment on “Patisserie Lebeau

  1. Looks delicious, definitely deserving of the 4.6/5 rating!

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