Miura Waffle + Milk Bar recently re-opened last month moving from Davie st Downtown to Mount Pleasant on Cambie and Broadway. They are a very unique Japanese waffle bar that has been featured in Food Network’s popular series “You Gotta Eat Here”. Chef and owner Dennis Miura created this menu based on many aspects of his life in Vancouver.


Chef Dennis Miura

Chef Dennis Miura

All the items on the menu are very unique in their own respect and although there is a good handful of restaurants offering specialty waffles, no one else does them quite the same. They have two main categories, Savoury and Sweet. The savoury section offers waffle sandwiches containing meats and vegetables, some with the ingredients mixed in with the waffle batter itself. Using a waffle instead of bread to make a sandwich is especially good because the waffle is soft and moist, and it takes on a lot of flavours that come from whatever ingredients you use. The sweet section is also unique. Other waffle restaurants give you very standard choices and flavours for sweet waffles, such as berries and whipped cream. Miura still does a fruit and cream waffle sando, but they have a few options that you might not expect. The menu is simple, but there is a lot of thought behind each item. I sat down with Dennis and we talked about where some of his inspirations came from.

The Bulgogi Sando was inspired by his wife, who would make him a dish very similar to Korean marinated beef and rice. The Hoisin Sando was inspired by Dennis’ love for Vietnamese sub sandwiches. The hoisin pork sausage was a fun play on this dish and found at a nearby grocery store. The Wasabi Salmon Sando was created based on the fresh local Salmon that is found in Vancouver. Since salmon is such a widely recognized fish in Vancouver, it was the perfect ingredient to put in a sandwich.

The Kachan Karaage Sando, which literally means, “mom’s fried chicken sandwich”, was inspired by a recipe which Dennis’ mother used to make him when he was younger. This is one of the newer items on the menu at Miura. It has fried ginger chicken, asian slaw, and thousand island dressing. I found each the waffle was very soft and moist, the chicken was fried perfectly, but the pickled carrots and radish tasted like they were not quite pickled enough, and the slaw could have been coated fully in the sauce before put into the sandwich. In my opinion, it could have used a little more acidity and salt in the sauce, which could have brought better balance to the dish.

Jenny had the fruit and cream sando, which was made with house-made cranberry sauce, whipping cream and house-made custard. This was a really nice sweet waffle. The cranberry sauce was very fresh and the custard was smooth and creamy.

For a drink, we tried the Cara-miso milkshake. All of their milkshakes are based on popular flavour combinations, with a japanese twist. The cara-miso, is inspired by salted caramel, but the salt is replaced with miso. The choco-wasa is based on the mix of chocolate and chillies, but instead of chilli they use wasabi.

Miura is definitely plays an instrumental role in the ever-diverse culinary scene in Vancouver. It really exemplifies multicultural, multidimensional fusion food that our city is known so well for. These types of dishes are typically something you would see from high end street food trucks. But instead of running around the city trying to find them, you can come here any day of the week and enjoy their delicious waffles! Overall I was happy with all aspects of our experience at the new Miura.

Quality – 4.5 of 5 – Some local fresh ingredients and some store bought, could be different?

Ingenuity – 5 of 5 – Popular flavours combined in a savoury waffle, definitely unique!

Atmosphere – 4.5 of 5 – Open, clean design, compared to some Japanese restaurants in town, much more simple and less cluttered

Service – 5 of 5 – Friendly staff, quick service

Value – 4 of 5 – A little expensive for the size of each sandwich, could use more filings or sides. Not quite a full meal if you’re hungry.

Overall – 4.6 of 5

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