Miso Salmon Crab Cakes with Spicy Mayo


We had some salmon leftover in the freezer from a few weeks ago that we didn’t have time to use yet, so today seemed like a great day to experiment with something new! Normally I will bake or pan fry my salmon, but today I wanted to do something a little more sophisticated with a little more depth to it. Continue reading

Pan Seared Coho Salmon with Sunchoke Truffle Purée


I decided to today that I’d make a play on the steelhead salmon that we had at Edible Canada for Dine Out last week. We had a filet of coho salmon that I bought a few weeks ago from Fresh St. Farms on sale and I stored in the freezer for a day like this! I mixed it up a little by making a sunchoke truffle purée instead of roasted sunchokes. I love sunchoke purée because it has so much flavour packed into it and adding some truffle oil really adds a luxurious taste to it.  Continue reading

Chinese Crab Claws


This is one delicious and super easy to make appetizer for any occasion and its guaranteed to be a hit! Chinese deep fried crab claws are typically served in a upscale Chinese restaurant usually on a set menu. There is another variation that uses bamboo shoots instead of the crab claws served at higher end dim sum restaurants as well. These take minimal amount of time to prepare and to cook and they look incredible! Continue reading

Double Date Night pt 1 – Salmon with Watercress Sauce

We had Sungwoo and Diana over again for dinner last week. Diana really wanted some good salmon so I agreed to try out a new recipe for her. I got a new cookbook from my work Christmas party written by Martha Day. This recipe called for crème fraîche, but I could only get 14% sour cream, which was the next best thing. I bought my salmon from Costco, which is by far the best value for your money I have found. You get a full sized filet of salmon, at least 3-4kg for around $20-25. It’s also very little cleanup work required. They are already deboned and skin taken off, all you must do it cut into whichever size you want your pieces to be, or just cook it all as one and divide up later. I served the salmon with a watercress creme sauce, roasted potatoes with asiago cheese and truffle oil, and a small arugula salad. Continue reading

Luxury Birthday Dinner!


Tonight we were feeling lazy but I still wanted to have a good meal and in good company for my birthday. I invited over my co-worker and close friend Sungwoo and his girlfriend Diana to come and enjoy it with us! ** Special thanks to Sungwoo for taking a lot of these shots! With what I was cooking tonight, I would need four hands to cook and shoot at the same time!**

I had some leftovers from the flatbreads we made the previous night. So we decided to use those first. I made two more of the fennel and feta flatbreads, this time cooking them slightly less in the oven, so they were still soft and easy to eat, but with the same great taste. Continue reading