Edible Canada – Dineout #1


This year I definitely am not getting to as many Dineout restaurants as I would have hoped too, but Edible Canada has been talked about and highly anticipated for their Dineout features, so we decided to give it a try. So what is Edible Canada? It would be easier to list the things it isn’t. They are a company based out of Granville Island that brings together dozens of local farmers, hundreds of artisan food producers, professional chefs and passionate food lovers from all around the world.  Continue reading

Homemade Crepes!

This was something I’ve always wanted to make at home, and it was surprisingly simple! I think crepes are simple, delicious, and there are so many variations on how you can make them, which just makes them that much better. I think no matter what you have at home in your fridge, you can probably find something to put together to make a crepe. I found a few sweet things that I wanted to try, but you can also create savoury or salty crepes too. I think my next crepe will be a spiced indian crepe, or perhaps a vietnamese style crepe. More to come! Continue reading

Beta5 Chocolates

This chocolate factory might be one of the city’s best kept secrets. It’s tucked away on industrial ave in an unassuming warehouse building, far away from anywhere you’d expect to come for desserts. If you ever imagined going to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, this is as close as it gets!

Beta5 Chocolates has one of most intriguing names that actually has a very cool meaning behind it. Apparently, they call it Beta5 because the form-5 beta crystal is the most stable form of cocoa butter crystallization, formed through the controlled melting, and subsequent cooling of liquid chocolate, giving their chocolates a distinctive shine and crisp snap. (Beta5 Chocolates, 2013) Continue reading