Double Date Night pt 1 – Salmon with Watercress Sauce

We had Sungwoo and Diana over again for dinner last week. Diana really wanted some good salmon so I agreed to try out a new recipe for her. I got a new cookbook from my work Christmas party written by Martha Day. This recipe called for crème fraîche, but I could only get 14% sour cream, which was the next best thing. I bought my salmon from Costco, which is by far the best value for your money I have found. You get a full sized filet of salmon, at least 3-4kg for around $20-25. It’s also very little cleanup work required. They are already deboned and skin taken off, all you must do it cut into whichever size you want your pieces to be, or just cook it all as one and divide up later. I served the salmon with a watercress creme sauce, roasted potatoes with asiago cheese and truffle oil, and a small arugula salad. Continue reading