Forage – Dineout #2

To Chris Whittaker, Head Chef at Forage, the idea of forage means, “we no longer seek out excess and indulgence, but instead revisit a time when we respected the land and oceans and took only what we needed to survive. It is about being stewards of our land and true conservationists, as we conduct our business and live our lives. It is about goodness, about taking care of each other, and bringing together our community over good food”. Continue reading

Pan Seared Coho Salmon with Sunchoke Truffle Purée


I decided to today that I’d make a play on the steelhead salmon that we had at Edible Canada for Dine Out last week. We had a filet of coho salmon that I bought a few weeks ago from Fresh St. Farms on sale and I stored in the freezer for a day like this! I mixed it up a little by making a sunchoke truffle purée instead of roasted sunchokes. I love sunchoke purée because it has so much flavour packed into it and adding some truffle oil really adds a luxurious taste to it.  Continue reading

Luxury Birthday Dinner!


Tonight we were feeling lazy but I still wanted to have a good meal and in good company for my birthday. I invited over my co-worker and close friend Sungwoo and his girlfriend Diana to come and enjoy it with us! ** Special thanks to Sungwoo for taking a lot of these shots! With what I was cooking tonight, I would need four hands to cook and shoot at the same time!**

I had some leftovers from the flatbreads we made the previous night. So we decided to use those first. I made two more of the fennel and feta flatbreads, this time cooking them slightly less in the oven, so they were still soft and easy to eat, but with the same great taste. Continue reading

Lunch at YEW in the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver

Arctic Char

This will be my first restaurant review on here. I will do my best to paint an accurate picture of what each place we visit is like. And also rate them on their food quality, ingenuity, ambiance, service and value.

Jenny surprised me today for my birthday by taking me to YEW @ the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver for lunch. This was my first time visiting this upscale dining room. I have to say, I was very surprised at my first glance into this West Coast restaurant. It is enormous inside, and probably has one of the highest ceilings for a restaurant in all of Vancouver, especially for a place that only offers one floor of dining space. The entire space is beautifully decorated and offers a very contemporary design and feel. I was immediately reminded of Coast on Alberni St, which has a similar design, being a very open concept kitchen and bar area. But YEW is very well lit in the day with lots of natural light pouring in. During lunch, it gets very busy as most business people in the district come down for a bite. This also adds to the overall “professional” and upscale feeling of the space. Continue reading

Italian night! Flatbreads, salad and wine!

Today was a very spontaneous day. I pulled some chicken breasts out of the freezer in the morning, not having anything in mind whatsoever. Later in the evening, I went for a walk with Jenny and we talked about what to do with it, we just wanted something simple. I came up with Flatbreads! This is something I have never made before and I was quite excited to try this out. Continue reading

My first food blog!


Welcome to One’s and Two’s everybody!

My name is Nathan and I’ve created this blog to share my love for delicious meals for any occasion. You are probably wondering why this blog is called One’s or Two’s. Before I get into that, let me tell you a little bit of a background on ME! Continue reading